Thursday, February 4, 2010

We are Family

Years ago, long before there was a Tom and Mika – my husband had a really strange breakup. It happened in Boston where he and the “girlfriend of the month” decided to go see a psychic (who are we kidding, she decided. Amazing the things men will do for women, if hard pressed they’ll see movies with subtitles, endure the odd spa treatment, etc.) During the session the sooth-sayer predicted that the girlfriend would have one child………(drum roll please)…….and Tom would have three. Needless to say this didn’t go over all that well and to this day Tom shudders when anyone mentions Beantown.

Fast forward 30 years – last night out of the blue and totally unsolicited Tom says” that lady in Boston was right, I did have three kids”. Love, love, love the fact that Tom considers Tex and Maggie his children. The thing is, families come in all shapes and sizes – the lovely gay couple who live next door have a beautiful daughter – many of us have step parents - and in our case we just happen to be part of Tex and Maggie’s pack.