Friday, May 28, 2010

It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Loses an Eye

Anyone who has read my blog will know that my husband is a real character. Truth is without him I'm not sure I would even have anything to blog about. Lately I've been thinking I should keep a list of some of the crazy lines that come out of his mouth. Like the time I heard him say to a police dispatcher "look I watch CSI and I can tell you right now that my scooter is at a chop shop in Surrey".

To make a long story short, one day Tom discovered his scooter was missing. After giving it some thought, he realized that there was a moving truck parked in our neighborhood the week before - which was actually a disguise for a band of thieves, who obviously stole his beloved scooter. Poor guy spent days on the phone filing police reports and insurance claims, getting very upset that more wasn't being done to recover it. For god sakes why wouldn't they just listen to him and send an undercover team out to raid those chop shops?

Four days later he walks to our neighborhood market and notices a scooter in the parking lot - upon closer inspection he sheepishly realizes it's his scooter! Seems he rode it there to buy flowers, got distracted and walked home. By the time he realized it was missing he had totally blacked out the whole shopping thing, assuming the scooter was already on the black market.

Good news is he did learn a few really important life lessons.

Lesson #1 - it is not an easy process to go back to the police and say it was all a big misunderstanding. Especially after declaring yourself a CSI expert and giving them tips on how they should be doing their jobs.

Lesson 2 - if you are going to take the easy way out and tell the neighbors that your son took it on a joy ride - or the police that your wife did a crazy thing and forgot that she left it at the should make damn sure you're out of earshot.