Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Truth Will Set Us Free

Tom recently bought a t-shirt that says "F*#k you, you F@#king F^#k - which basically sums up his philosophy on life. 

Even though I refuse to go anywhere with him while he's wearing his new mantra, I'm starting to think he's on to something. Tom goes through life expressing himself - while I tend to internalize.  Even though my approach means I'm likely to have more Facebook buddies - Tom will probably live to be a 100. Having the courage to say what you really think seems to be a cathartic experience. 

Since most of us aren't as brave as Tom, I'm thinking it might be a good idea to create free speech zones. In Japan, it's an unspoken rule that anything you say to your boss while under the influence doesn't count. Considering the fact that going out and drinking after work is a big part of their culture, therapy is as cheap as the price of a beer.

Maybe we should give every man, woman and child one day every year to shoot from the hip. Not only would it make them feel really good, it could also have a positive effect on society. Think about it - crime rates would plummet, high blood pressure would no longer be a health issue, and we'd all feel a hell of a lot better about life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

I've always been a huge fan of Julia Child, so I'm really happy to see a new generation of wanna-be chefs discovering her.

I love Julia so much that I've always had her on the invite list for my BADP (bad ass dinner party). You know the routine, the game you play when you've had a few drinks and list all of the people (dead or alive), who you'd like to invite over for an evening of good food, wine, and conversation.

I adored everything about Julia - her height, elocution, love of butter, and the fact that she was a bit of a klutz. Who can forget the time she dropped a whole chicken on the floor while filming her cooking show - picked it up, dusted it off, and kept right on cooking. Not sure about you, but this is something I can relate to.

Perhaps that's why she was so interesting. Most of us are never going to master Martha Stewart's scary, Stepford wife, perfection - but Julia Child..... someone we can all aspire to.

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Getty

The following video is of the Getty,  a must do when in LA.

Shout out to Gloria - Thelma to my Louise - smart, funny and CWT (cool without trying).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yea Baby

Now that's what I'm talking about -  Pugs not drugs. It's no secret that if pugs were in charge, the world would be a much better place.

Thanks to Ann for this great photo, taken from the mean streets of New York.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mystery Tree

I just came back from LA, which is beautiful this time of year. Many flowering trees are in bloom, including the Jacaranda, Palmetto, Mimosa and a mystery tree.

My dear friend Monica was also intrigued with the beautiful creature, it's branches heavy with clusters of beautiful, pink flowers. The following video is of Monica, at the Canadian Consulates House, with the unidentified tree.

I adore Monica, an amazing woman who has lived life large. She speaks at least four languages that I know of, grew up in the West Indies where her grandfather was the Governor General, went to a boarding school in Switzerland, dated Peter Jennings, worked as a model, lived in Spain, Germany, Canada and a loft in Soho, has a unique and fabulous style, and is one of the most spiritual people I know.

Both Monica and I think that if anyone can identify the tree, it will be our friend Steve (another larger than life personality, but that's another story).